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BCC Billy The Kid 330A [DLF,HYF,IEF]

One of the very top bulls in Denver—2014. Huge hip with a deep quarter. Super long and thick down his top line. Good balance in his make up with Rib. Short marked with eye pigment. Good milk. Strong performance, large scrotal, sheath up, good bone and a large REA. Certainly, the Rancher’s kind with look, growth, milk, moderate BW and carcass. His offspring are consistent in their pattern and some daughters have calves and they sure have the cow look with good udders. Owned with Baumgarten and Loehr. Semen available.

SR Indigo 1181Y [CHB,DLF,HYF,IEF]

Fantastic son of Indigo with performance numbers that are hard to achieve. REA and CHB are excellent. One of the top selling bulls in our 2012 sale to Pied Piper where he was the top gaining bull with a long back, wide-deep quarter and a good, curly, yellow coat of hair. A clean fronted, muscular bull with shape and stands on good bone. Dam a good uddered female at 14 years of age with a good record. She is thick, deep sided, full of muscle and made right. Co-owned with Pied Piper. Semen available.


Top selling bull in 2012 to Churchill and Van Newkirk. Big hipped, wide based, deep sided, marked right with good markings, bone, wide based and real gentle. Was the high gaining bull at right at 4.5 pounds per day. Milk and big scrotal. His Script momma is a good one. Check his carcass numbers. Take a look at his EPD profile. Offspring have explosive growth, good muscle shape, great performance numbers and give you the look of productive cattle. Daughter are looking very productive. Semen available.

SNS 40W Western Lad 8A [DLF,HYF,IEF]

Developing into a terrific breeding bull if you want stout, big boned, Hereford character genetics with good growth potential. Outcross genetics purchased in Calgary with Van Newkirk from the Nixdorf family. Extra bone, long sided, good growth look with good hair and eye appeal. This guy has some size to him, presents a long, deep body and has several good offspring in the sale. Co-owned with Van Newkirk.

R 2Y Caption 43A [DLF,HYF,IEF]

Top selling bull in Ridder’s 2014 sale. Correct, highly pigmented, clean made, thick. Curly hair coat, good bone and presents a good profile. From a dam with excellent progeny numbers. Offspring are clean made with good muscle shape and give a good profile. Semen available.

SR Saga 1302Z [DLF,HYF,IEF]

Used on heifers with success. Good balance. Same dam as 450X. 1302 has developed as a mature bull of good size, ample muscle and correct made. Calves come moderate with no calving problem and grow fast. Dam is a power cow with a good udder and longevity. She is in an ET program at B&C Cattle Company in Texas.

LBH 39T Sterling 53W [CHB,DLF,HYF,IEF]

All you can say is wow when you look at his weaning and yearling EPD numbers. Truly and growth-frame bull with extra muscle expression that shows a good quarter, stands wide, has bone and is correct in his structure. He does have some BW—we calved 8 heifers to him and all were born unassisted—they are long with good shape. One of the top yearling weight bulls in the breed. Good milk in a frame bull with daughters that are right at the top of our replacements. Small teats. Owned with Pied Piper. Semen available.

GH Adams Top Gun ET 516T [DLF,HYF,IEF]

We feel he is one of the thickest, strong topped bulls in the Hereford Breed. An outcross pedigree for most of the breed. Wide and deep in his quarter, real wide based on all four corners, strong topped with full eye pigment and good markings. Sons show volume, wide based, muscled quarters, bone, long bodied and correct in their structure. We have used him on heifers and all were born unassisted. His daughters are some of our top producers. Co-owned with Haueter. Semen available.

KB L1 Domino 655 ET [CHB,DLF,IEF]

One of the top breeding sons of 9126J in the Nation. 655 is deep made, thick quartered, wide backed, great haired with bone and good markings. Offspring show volume, correct, trim made, deep made, thick quartered with a strong muscle pattern. Females are fancy and feminine with good udders, bone and good structure. Has good growth, milk and REA numbers. Owned with Baumgarten and Baker. Semen available.

UPS Indigo 8648 [DLF, HYF, IEF]

An old fashion looking Hereford bull with today’s genetic numbers. Low BW with top-shelf Direct and Maternal calving ease. Extremely long sided, carries a strong back and shows some muscle expression into his quarter. Marked right with good yellow, curly hair. Has a negative BW with calving ease, milk and good carcass numbers. Has produced some real good herd bulls. Semen available.

SR Diablo 613A [CHB,DLF,HYF,IEF]

Son of Indigo 1181Y and the top selling bull in 2014 production sale to Doyle, Churchill and Van Newkirk. His weaning, yearling, REA and CHB EPD’s are right at the top of the charts. Ultra-sounded an 18.5 REA. Yellow, curly, short marked, wide based, walks wide and presents a deep, wide quarter. Full eye and scrotal pigment with good testicle size. Mother has a good production record. Calves are exciting to look at and they are performers. Owned with Doyle, Churchill and Van Newkirk. Semen available.


Top selling bull in the fall 2013 Brillhart sale. “Deluxe Cattlemen’s” bull that is long and thick down his top, exhibits muscled quarter, stands on strong bone, super-sized testicles and correct in his structure. His daughters are outstanding and making productive cows. Sons show the shape and structure that all progressive cattlemen like. Factor has good performance, moderate BW and balance to his carcass number. Comes from a cow with an excellent production record. Semen available.

CL 1 Domino 1161Y [DLF,HYF,IEF]

A genuine low BW bull with a good muscle pattern, some rib and correct. Good backed, stands on some base, marked right, moderate frame with volume and comes from a cow family that lowers BW. Calves are correct in their make-up, show muscle shape down the back and into the quarter. Daughters are now in production and show good udders and a lot of eye appeal. Some real top-end sons and daughter sell. Owned with Cooper, Coleman and Oleen. Semen available.

SR Match 1424B [DLF,HYF,IEF]

Home raised son of Domino 1161 from a family of outstanding cows with performance and profile. This guy is sharp looking and presents a good profile. Short marked total red with pigment and large testicles. Used on heifers with success. His offspring look like the kind.

SR Script 187 [SOD,DLF,IEF]

Outstanding breeding son of Harland that holds the BW down, good growth and milk with some of the breeds best milk and carcass numbers. Small calves at birth that develop into thick topped, wide backed and deep-sided individuals with good structure and eye appeal. Dam is a performance female with red teats, a freckled face and is in our embryo transfer program. Daughters are a real asset with level udders and small teats. Co-owned with Upstream and Hirsche. Semen available.

SR Saga 1447 [CHB,DLF,HYF,IEF]

The Harland son we kept to get ideal, productive females. He sires fancy, feminine daughters. Offspring are yellow, good haired, good marked with extended body length, deep sided and good muscle shape. Used successfully on heifers. Offspring are sharp looking with good growth. Long bodies, correct and muscle pattern. Dam bred similar to SR Saga 1137 at Upstream. Dam is a good uddered female with milk and growth. Semen available. Owned by Stuber Ranch.

BB 1065 Domino 4102 [CHB,SOD,DLF,HYF]

Exciting genetics for low birth weight, carcass numbers and still have growth with calving ease. Sons are long sided, correct, trim with extra Hereford eye appeal. His carcass traits are some of the best in the Hereford breed and improving with each calf crop. Good profit indexes. Females are trim and feminine. Co-owned with Mrnaks and BB Cattle. Semen Available.

CTY Britisher 7721T [DLF,HYF,IEF]

Sire that has the “old fashion” Hereford eye appeal that sires’ calves with the modern-day appearance and performance. 7721 is correct in his structure, has a great hair coat, pigmented, marked right, head up on his shoulder and a very prolific breeder. Offspring have growth, long sided, above average thickness, great hair, increasing performance with production and were the top-selling group in our 2011 sale. Breeders appreciate their pattern, consistency and performance. Daughters have the look of great cows. Owner with Courtney Herefords and B&C Cattle. Semen available.