Stuber Ranch


The Base Herd

Churchill Yankee ET [CHB,SOD,DLF,HYF,IEF]

One of the Nation’s top multi-trait leader sires for some of the most important economic traits. For a growth bull, Yankee holds BW down, explosive growth, extra length of side, good depth of rib along with a wide-deep quarter. His carcass data is top-end for REA and Marbling. Sons and daughters have great breed eye appeal, ideal hair coats, perfect dispositions and are behind some of the breed’s better breeding cattle. Daughters are making productive cows producing top-end production with good fertility. Owned with Churchill and Pied Piper and leased to ABS. Semen available from ABS.

Churchill Sensation 028X [CHB,SOD,DLF,HYF,IEF]

One of the Breeds best calving ease bull—they come 5 to 10 days early, have vigor and aggression in their nursing ability. His calves have wide and long loins, thick topped, good muscle shape to the quarter and best of all “eye appeal.” They stand on good bone, nice hair coats, wide based with good muscle shape to their top line. Does give up a little in frame but the weight is there with their extra thickness. Daughters are outstanding with excellent udder scores. His truly the “Answer Bull” to many breeding decisions. His daughters are maybe his biggest asset–they pass on many of Sensation’s best assets. Good milk flow, level, small teats and good dispositions and they calve early. Just take a look at his EPD profile and the many traits he excels in. Co-owned with Churchill, Van Newkirk, Upstream and leased to Genex. Semen available through Genex.


A low BW bull with good marbling, marked right with a strong profile, structure and a deep flank. Has shape and muscle in his quarter and down his back. Daughters are very feminine with growth and muscle expression into their quarter. Show extra volume, good muscled, top performance cattle. Breed leading marbling, milk and calving ease. Daughters are crossing on many different pedigreed bulls. Owned with Holden, Hoffman, Churchill and Genex. Semen available at Genex.

SR Navarro 450X [CHB,DLF,HYF,IEF]

Massive size–“Top End” home raised breeding bull that is one of Navarro’s top sons. He is a growth bull with good thickness, muscle shape in the quarter and very correct in his structure. Exhibits extra rib shape, stands wide, marked right with pigment and large testicles. His mom could very well be our best cow when you consider profile, production, ideal udder and longevity. Produced the top selling SR Saga 1137 bull to Upstream and Loehr in 2009. She is now in an ET program with Bill Breeding. This guy produces the Rancher’s Kind when it comes to his offspring. Limited Semen available.

C Stockman 2059 [DLF,HYF,IEF]

Sire that we think you will like what he is breeding. A moderate framed bull that has come out of the pasture weighing around 2500 pounds. He is extremely long, has terrific muscle shape, stands on big bone, moves free with a long stride and presents a good profile. His offspring fit his pattern and he is consistent in his production. You have to appreciate his fleshing ability, his “look” and breed character. Has some outstanding folks in his background. Reports on females are outstanding. Owned with Ned and Jan Ward, Colyer Herefords and B&C Cattle. SEMEN AVAILABLE.


A “genetic giant” and the anchor of our breeding program. A leader in MANY categories measured by the AHA. Terrific daughters with good udders, breed leading milk, top-end marbling, extra thick and deep with good Hereford eye appeal and really easy doing. Sons are long down the back, broad backed, show a good muscle pattern, good footed and easy doing. A real calving ease bull that drops BW, increases weaning weight, shows excellent growth, adds muscle and offspring are easy to look at. Leased to ABS. Semen available from ABS.


He is a sire along with his offspring that “covers all the bases” in the beef cattle business. Moderate in his frame, ideal markings, excellent production and carcass numbers. Offspring are the “rancher’s kind” with good eye appeal, great gaining ability, super muscle shape, milk and carcass potential. He excels in milk, REA, MARBLING and CHB. His offspring are consistent in their appearance, wide based, good pigment, super hair and very sound. Daughters are the keeping kind with small teats, good milk and producing outstanding calves raising some of the best calves on the ranch. Co-owned with Upstream. Semen available.

CL 1 Domino 0130X 1ET [CHB,DLF,HYF,IEF]

Video of 0130X

Low BW bull with good muscle shape, strong top, pigment, wide loin with some good numbers. Stout, thick with good growth, super milk and balanced carcass numbers. Was the top selling bull in Cooper’s 2011 sale. Dam is one of Mark’s most productive cows. Calves are small at birth with good growth and profile. His data in our herd matches that of Sensation. His daughters are some of the best and look very productive with superb udder shape and great disposition. Certainly, gives an EPD profile that can be used in many programs. Works great on the Sensation, Navarro and Yankee daughters. Owned with Churchill, Cooper and Bowen. Semen available.

SR Right On 2203 Z ET [CHB,DLF,HYF,IEF]

BY SENSATION OUT OF THE “GENETIC GIANT” 78P. THICK TOPPED, LONG, POWERFUL QUARTER, RIB, CORRECT, GREAT EYE APEAL, MARKED RIGHT, FULL PIGMENT. Actual WW of 919 and YW of 1609. AND WEIGHED OVER 2000 AT 18 MONTHS. He is long sided, good haired, stands on wide base and presents a great profile. Free moving. He is truly one of Sensation’s top sons —Daughters have look of making very productive cows. Dam is one of the breed’s top cows. We have 6 sons and brothers from six different sires and consider all of them Herd Bull caliber. SR STEP UP, SR TDP JOINT VENTURE, SR CCC TOP TIER, SR SPOT ON, SR OPTIC AND SR STOCKMAN. Semen available at the ranch or at ORIGEN.

NJW BW Ladysport Dew 78P ET [DLF,HYF,IEF]
Dam of Right On 2203 and Step Up 2201.