Stuber Ranch



STUBER RANCH—-founded in 1909—109 years ago
            —-first commercial HEREFORDS in 1918—100 years ago
                        —-first registered HEREFORDS in 1931—87 years ago
                                    —-herd evaluation and performance program —for 65 years
                                                —-first production sale—50 years ago
                                                            —-retained ownership of commercials—50 years

TODAY— five generations strong with a
            Program based on production, product and profile

The ranch was started in 1909 when J.C. Stuber from Ravenna, Nebraska purchased the section of land where the ranch is located today. He spent his first years farming and breaking up soil. In 1918 cattle were purchased to utilize the land that was not farmed. J.C.’s purchase of 100 heifers from Charles Bahm was the introduction of Hereford to the ranch. Registered Herefords were added in the early 30’s from W.B. Taylor, a local breeder from Bowman. Other females were added from Drybread and Hall-Nance.

Orville Stuber purchased the Ranch in 1936 and J.C. Stuber moved to Bowman and purchased the International Harvester Dealership. Orville loved good cattle and expanded the cattle operation with the purchase of more grassland and the application to graze on Forest Service Lands. He enjoyed raising and breeding good cattle and was a pioneer in investing in superior bulls.

Roger and Richard Stuber purchased the Ranch in 1972 and Orville moved to Bowman to be active in running the IHC dealership and Farm Store. The Registered herd was expanded, backgrounding our calves was increased and a retained ownership program on feeder steers, open heifers at commercial feedlots started.

Today Duane Stuber and his family are part owner of the Ranch. Along with their children, we are in our fifth generation.
The ranch today supports approximately the same number of cows we had last year and they graze on and we farm the same amount of land (The bottom line here is you never ask a rancher how many cows he owns or how much land he has.)

We believe as we become more customer and consumer driven that the genetics of the future should be as free of faults as possible. We get rid of things that don’t work, aren’t acceptable or not needed for practical cattle production.

Fertility will always be first with us; next is live calves, then milk, growth and carcass merit. The non-measured traits of temperament, structural soundness and freedom from disease are important.

Our production sale which is held the third Saturday of April.

Welcome and we encourage you visiting our Ranch.

Located 10 miles north of Bowman or 16 miles south of Amidon on Hwy. 85, then 5 miles west, 1/2 mile south.